About me

My aim is to trigger the positive emotion in the eye of the beholder. I have a rule. I, on principal, believe that the positive emotions I go through when I draw, can only be captured and reflected on my paintings when I am in a good spirit myself. Then the paintings will pass on its vibe on my audience.

Even since I was a child, I found myself happy when I was drawing or was manually creative. The hours were passing by like minutes to me, I got carried away in my perception of time and nothing much changed since. I believe this feeling made me desire to be creative and to create. I attended gymnasium (secondary school) with an ambition to become a doctor, since my grandfather was one, however ended up studying something different, design. My passion for creativity was stronger and it won over.

When I completed my formal education, I was doing an interior design by profession. Being just approximately one year into my interior design career, my clients along with the life itself however led me to a different path, to the art. And this is how I became a painter artist, by accident. My career, as well as my style and inspiration are influenced by the taste of my clients, I then add to it my own unique style, emotions and passion.

I cannot exactly define or categorise myself, or label if you like, with any certain style type. I do not even intent to do so, it just comes up spontaneously. I believe that’s how it should be. Andy Warhol and the popart grown on me and then I somehow started painting portraits of well-known personalities. I would like to bring to life their life journey and channel it into my artwork, as well as I want to inspire others by the story of their lives, to bring out the good vibes associated with such icons.

I would like to “teleport” their good vibes to the comfort of your homes and introduce your icon, idol to your living room. My creative work is however extensive. I enjoy architecture and design, hence the love for painting, nature, movies, music and it all is shown and will be shown in my art. Life is change! I do feel it and therefore I like to switch up the elements, ideas and painting techniques I use.

There certainly shall be chemistry between my artwork and my audience. And that is what my aim is. I want the emotions and the chemistry. And that’s when there is a real zest to it, when I let all the thinking to step aside for the moment. I allow myself to enjoy the feel-good moment.